latest EVENT

Kiji Therapeutics will be present at Advanced Therapies Week in Miami, January 16-19, 2024.

Kiji Therapeutics will be present at the Advanced Therapies meeting being held January 16-19, 2024 in Miami.

The meeting will be attended by both the CEO, Miguel Forte, and the CSO, Tony Ting. Both will participate as Speakers in several of the sessions organized throughout the meeting. You can find the full agenda at the meeting link


Kiji Therapeutics attends ISCT 2024 in Vancouver
Miguel Forte will present Kiji Therapeutics at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco
Kiji Therapeutics will be present at BioEurope in Munich

why kiji ?

Our name, « Kiji, » meaning « pheasant » in Japanese, is inspired by the Pheasant Island, which alternates sovereignty between Spain and France every six months. Additionally, according to a Japanese legend, a pheasant named Hō-ō was living in the forest when a fire broke out, threatening to destroy the trees and animals. Hō-ō sacrifices itself by flying into the fire to re-born as a majestic phoenix, bringing healing and renewal to the burned forest and its inhabitants. Like Hō-ō, Kiji is committed to the new era, offering hope and renewal to patients with inflammatory conditions.