a new era for IPSC-MSC

Welcome to Kiji Therapeutics, an international biotech company based in France and Spain dedicated to delivering a new era of IPSC-MSC engineered cell therapy for inflammatory diseases.

about us

With a scientific foundation built upon collaboration with three renowned institutions – CIBER, Fundación Jiménez Díaz, and CIEMAT – KIJI Tx is delivering a new era of IPSC-MSC engineered cell therapy for the treatment of broad range of inflammatory diseases. These professionalized, engineered MSCs have strong preclinical data and the potential to finally fulfil the long-standing promise of MSCs. Our international team of experienced professionals is committed to bringing these innovative therapies to patients in need.


Michel Andraud
María Fernández
Product Manager
Juan A. Bueren
Rosa María Yáñez
María Fernández
Begoña Díez
Marina Garin
Mercedes López

  Juan A. Bueren,  PhD (Chair)

Massimo Dominici, MD PhD

 Felipe Prósper, MD PhD

Jean-Frederic Colombel, MD

Mahendra Rao, PhD

 Richard Maziarz, MD

Stefanos Theoharis,  PhD


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Why do we need a paradigm for MSC :

We are developing gene engineered iPSC-MSCs with a superior demonstrated efficacy and improved manufacturing, consistency, and flexibility.

Our first products are IPSC-MSCS transduced with IL10 and CXCR4. Strong preclinical data show an improved efficacy through synergistic immunomodulation (IL10) and homing (CXCR4).

In addition, IPSC source offers the consistency needed to guarantee a quality manufacturing of the cells.





Kiji – iPSC/MSC engineered cell therapy for inflammatory disease
Our CEO, Miguel Forte, spoke about Kiji Therapeutics’ projects at the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Studios.
Miguel Forte, CEO of Kiji Therapeutics, presents the company at the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa 2023


Improved efficacy of mesenchymal stromal cells stably expressing CXCR4 and IL-10 in a xenogeneic graft versus host disease mouse model


Kiji Therapeutics will be present at Advanced Therapies Week in Miami, January 16-19, 2024.


Thank you for your interest in joining our team. While there are no current open positions, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join us in the future. Please feel free to submit your resume and cover letter to so that we may keep you in mind for any upcoming opportunities.


why kiji ?

Our name, « Kiji, » meaning « pheasant » in Japanese, is inspired by the Pheasant Island, which alternates sovereignty between Spain and France every six months. Additionally, according to a Japanese legend, a pheasant named Hō-ō was living in the forest when a fire broke out, threatening to destroy the trees and animals. Hō-ō sacrifices itself by flying into the fire to re-born as a majestic phoenix, bringing healing and renewal to the burned forest and its inhabitants. Like Hō-ō, Kiji is committed to the new era, offering hope and renewal to patients with inflammatory conditions.